Sunday, 18 December 2011

Privacy without blinds or curtains

Five years ago, just 12 months or so after we moved to North Wales, we had our bathroom completely re-fitted, and waved goodbye to the dark blue suite and leaking shower, as well as the cork-tiled walls that had been all the rage in the early 80s when the room last received attention.  Just about the only thing we enjoyed about the original bathroom was the view from the window over our side garden and bird feeders, so we decided not to have obscure glass fitted.  I found a supplier of vinyl film and chose a striped design so that we would be able to see through the gaps.  The closer you are to the window, the better this works.

However, for some reason or other, the roll sat in a corner of our bedroom for 5 years or so - a splendid example of a stock item.  It was only when we recently had the outside of the house painted and limewashed, and had to have a kitchen window frame replaced (wooden and single-glazed because of the Listed Buildings Regulations) that we found ourselves ordering secondary double glazing.  This was the ideal answer for the bathroom, too, because by fitting the film on the secondary glazing, we can plan to take out the sliding panes in the summer when the views are best and the foliage on the trees will prevent us from traumatising our neighbours as we take a shower.

Installation was a mite tricky - perhaps it would have been less so if the film had been fresh.  After all, it relies on some fairly high-tech adhesives.  You float the cut film onto the glass on a solution of soapy water, and then strip the backing paper off.  Sounds easy, but I did have a bit of a wrestle.  However, it worked in the end and we can now look forward to family visitors over Christmas being less self-conscious about their showers than for the last five years.

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  1. Looks good and bound to be a kindness to the neighbours!