Friday, 9 December 2011

After an interlude

Quite unreasonably had to spend a few days this week pursuing paid employment, but it was good yesterday to get back to jobs around the house and get my hands (and many other bits) dirty again.

Incidentally, many thanks to son-in-law for offering to try to smuggle this item from Oxford for me:

Fortunately (as his wife and son can't afford to have him arrested) my visit to London this week produced this fine pair, who have promised to try to breed and produce a baby for me early next year:

In the high wind and rain yesterday, I set about switching the wheels on the Golf for the steels-with-winter-tyres bought last year when we had the Mk5.  Very frustratingly, having fitted the rears, I discovered that the Mk6 front brake calipers are too big for the 15" steel wheels, so it was change back again, wash off the brake dust and put everything away.  A couple of hours wasted - or put down to experience?  I decided to look on the bright side, literally, and spent most of the rest of the day fitting an external power point to the bakehouse and rigging our fifth set of Christmas lights.  That job went well, but the flickering outside our bedroom window overnight indicates that I need to re-visit the electronic timer.


  1. The lights look quite magical. Just think, if you had a cherry picker we could have some fairy lights on that too!

  2. And the cherry picker could get the fine berried holly from the top of the tree!