Friday, 3 May 2013

A second Kindle stand

My father-in-law has found the first Kindle stand (previous post) helpful, but has been struggling to operate the power switch, a tiny affair at the base of the reader which usually needs a well-controlled, small finger-end to operate it.

So the second prototype includes a big button which, through a sprung plunger, operates the switch with a steel rod.

It's an even more pleasing use of stock items than version 1.  Again, it uses offcuts of 13mm MDF, but now with added delights: part of an old broom handle (the knob), a screw (the steel rod), a ballpoint pen spring, and a piece of a brass hinge (the plate which retains the spring).  Oh, and a bit of glue.

It's going to be taken to Devon to be trialled next weekend.  Fingers crossed.