Friday, 13 March 2015

A year in a kitchen

Just over a year ago, I offered to install a new kitchen for my older son and his wife in their newly acquired house in Stockport.  It was obvious from the start that the long distance nature of the task (round trip of 130 miles) and my other commitments meant that this would not be the work of a moment, but even I didn't expect it to take a year.

Memorable moments of a complete refurbishment:

  • a Saturday afternoon in Ikea, ordering every component of the furniture: cupboards, doors, worktops, appliances.  A long list, and always likely to be an arduous retail experience, but why did we have to choose the weekend when Ikea were changing their kitchen unit range (and dimensions) for the first time in a decade?  In the event, they did us proud with the delivery and didn't miss a single item.
  • removing the linoleum covering from a basically sound timber floor to discover a square metre of 'temporary' flooring where boards had been loose-laid over a concrete slab which years ago supported the heavy clothes-washing boiler.  Not a suitable foundation for the tile floor I was laying, so it had to be sorted.
  • finding an open fireplace and adjacent cupboard hidden behind a piece of plaster board where heavy cupboards were to be hung - wall rebuilding required.

Many new items, of course, went into this project.  However, all the tools came from stock, and certain bits and pieces came in very handy: a couple of light fittings, plumbing and electrical accessories, adhesives to mention a few.

The final job, the tiling, was completed just a few weeks ago.  Now, because as a growing family they need more space, the house has been sold (subject to contract) and someone else will enjoy their kitchen.  They are kind enough to say that my labours helped them to a quick sale.  Here are three images I've borrowed from the estate agent's website:

Now they are buying a new-build house which, I believe, has a kitchen already installed.  So I'll have to find something else to fill the next year.  No problem.


  1. Wow, I love that kitchen, a job very well done I would say!! We're having a bathroom makeover soon, shame you don't live nearer :)

    1. Thank you - yes, you may be just a little too far away! I enjoyed visiting your blog and will keep in touch.

  2. It's gorgeous love. Can I have one? Whoops, sorry, have one already!

    1. I don't think ours was quite as challenging, but it does work well.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you - unlike a garden, there does come a point where a kitchen is actually finished, and that's a cause for celebration.