Sunday, 9 March 2014

Oak house signs

So here's what to do with those left over short ends of 4" oak floorboards: visit Matthias' brilliant website and buy his plans for a 3-D router pantograph for a few dollars, buy a nice little router, and spend much of the winter on and off fiddling around with offcuts of wood and steel rod to construct one of these fiendishly clever machines.  Spend more evenings in the workshop making the plywood stencils for all the letters you need for your signs (and even a couple of swallow images), then it's time for the quick bit.

Actually cutting the signs is really easy and quick.  Use some black acrylic paint to highlight the carved letters, sand and, if you wish, varnish away, then get out to the end of the track and, with your neighbouring farmer's permission, put up the signs to his farm and our house, Coed y Mynydd Isaf (Lower Mountain Wood), his horsefeed business, and our luxury holiday cottage, Gwenoldy (Swallows' Rest).

Job done. About a year from start to finish.


  1. I like these a lot. I must resist the urge to undercut their value by going round naming everything in sight.

  2. "Cottage Garden", "Gate", "Door", that kind of thing?

  3. We have homemade, hand carved signs here, so I was very interested to read about this router.

    1. I was attracted by this homemade machine because my hand-carving skills are very limited!