Sunday, 30 June 2013

New camera (2)

On our trip to the Outer Hebrides we were keen to try out the new camera's capacity to capture images of wildlife, as we have never previously been able to snap more than very close, very still subjects.  It must be emphasised that I, as the photographer, have a long way to go to catch up with the capabilities of the camera, and sadly birds in flight (particularly a hen harrier near our last campsite) proved quite beyond me.

However (and, as in the last post, the images are unedited) we were reasonably pleased with the outcome.
On North Uist, we saw hundreds of land- and water-based oyster catchers.

On Berneray arctic terns were settling on the cultivated crofts.

There were plenty of lapwings, too.

But the stars of the show on Berneray were probably the harbour seals:

On our campsite on the south coast of South Uist bees were active in the sunshine.

On our final walking day we explored an estuary on the east coast of South Uist and were very taken with these Aylesbury ducks:

The above shot was taken from the same spot as this next one, at the opposite end of the lens' range (you can just pick the ducks out, lower centre):

But the overall star of the show (photographically at least) had to be this red deer stag, antlers still in June velvet.  He seemed to want to say something to me ('Nice camera' ?)


  1. Fantastic wildlife photos, you had some wonderful sightings. I love the deer - what a magnificent creature.

  2. Thank you, Wendy. As you can doubtless tell, the place is an inspiration.

  3. These are so good. I shall pinch the camera while you are away and see if I can catch up!

    1. Hhmm... Don't you want to see super telephoto shots of the Oetztal?

  4. Yes, that last photo is definitely the tar of the show!

    1. He just seemed to want to be photographed - amazing really.