Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wisteria support

We have been planning for a while to plant a wisteria in the side garden.  To support it (assuming that it grows!) we designed an open structure which in effect creates a new south 'wall' facing the utility building.  In due course the drystone wall will be repaired (Elizabeth is going on a National Trust course this summer) so I used up some 4 x1 carcassing and some half-round posts, held together with galvanised roofing bolts.  The new planting is going to feel somewhat intimidated for the first few years, we feel.


  1. The support looks perfect for a growing wisteria. When this lovely climber is established, it will look beautiful.

    1. The challenge will be to get the wisteria growing! Things take a while to get their roots down up here.