Saturday, 3 March 2012

Goodbye, post barn

We shall soon have a new and bigger store for our horticultural and automotive pursuits.  The old telegraph-pole-and-corrugated-metal open barn is now empty (after quite a few days of work) and sits ready for the demolition gang:

Yesterday's efforts included moving the trailer, lawn tractor, Super Dexta tractor (1964 vintage), topper and finger mower (the last not having moved in our time here) up to the top of the field from where they will observe both a magnificent view of the Clywdian Range and the work of Lloyds as they construct a new two-part steel storage shed over the coming weeks.  Fortunately the intensive programme of battery charging paid off and, with only a minor hitch with the tractor hydraulics, we were there:

So, the electrics are disconnected, the trees are pruned and we are ready on schedule.  Bring on the builders!

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  1. Oh My God. Might just wander off over here and dream about daffodils.